Day 30

Hangnails. Holy annoying fuck.

Probably should print multiple copies of this and stick them around the house as a reminder to myself

They have always been my weakness and I can never let go of one until my nail bed turns into a bloody ruin. But it’s never really been about the hangnail itself though.

When I get into a mental vortex, I start to feel my skin catching on things. Suddenly my skin gets that much drier, catching on fabric, scraping against the clothes that I wear. Suddenly my nails that weren’t brittle before, now are. I can feel every single hangnail when I run my fingertips against each nail. And lord, don’t even get me started about how they feel when I knit or when I write.

And they are so very grating.

I start peeling. I start grinding. I start scraping.

I get at a good one and continue as I let my thoughts swirl around me. It helps me go deeper, it helps me chase the thoughts further.

Further? Where, you ask?


Ah shit, and now I am bleeding.

Like I said, it’s not really about the hangnail.

Image: nail_sunny/Instagram


Day 19

Fall, or autumn, whichever you choose to call it, is upon us.

What plans do you have for this year’s? It seems to be unlike any other what with the US elections right round the corner, Corona unleashing hell, everyone staying at home more, etc.

My fall this year looks like tons of knitting, for starters. My mitts are coming along swimmingly and I am about to start my second project from the Knit How book. I have fallen in love with this knit designer’s stuff and have already downloaded four patterns that I am planning to work on for two sweaters and two cardigans. I am so flipping excited. I am about to choose the colourways for them and I am on the fence whether to go to my go-to palette (earth tones) or go wild.

If that isn’t a beautiful sweater then I don’t know what is (Image: PetiteKnit)

Chunky knits, here I come!

Couldn’t resist the urge to post another one (Image: PetiteKnit)

Fall is that perfect season where I can actually do “cozy” and feel that it’s just right. It’s the season for baths, candles, hot toddies, teas and hot chocolates. It’s that time where I can put on a sweater and wrap a scarf around me and it’d be warm enough. And now with the mask steaming up my face, I feel like I’d need even fewer layers than I usually would. I love it when I can smell the chill in the air, see the leaves changing their colour and when everyone around me doesn’t seem to be hating the cold just yet.

In the cooking department, I would like to experiment with new recipes, new ingredients. Maybe do some fall-inspired stuff, finally incorporate pumpkins and squashes into my repertoire in a way that won’t make me gag.

Aesthetics-wise, I have been trying to take it easy. What’s the point of putting on blush and highlighter if it’s all going to rub off? I still try to do a bold lip sometimes because it’s fun to feel like I am keeping a secret from the world under my mask. Gotta be careful of it rubbing off too, though. But really, lately the focus has been on the eyes, as I am sure it is for the rest of you. Mascara, bold shadow, strong brows and a bit of highlight right on top of the cheekbones where they peek above my mask.

Bring on the fall season! Don’t forget to break out the cream!

Image: From Britain With Love