Sunday lists n.3: 5 hot sauces to take you through the apocalypse

I love hot sauce. I love putting it on almost everything that I eat. I would bathe in it if I could. Here, in no particular order, five hot sauces that I would definitely bring with me to survive the apocalypse that is coming upon us.

Tabasco Original Red Sauce

This was The Sauce that introduced me to the world of hot sauce goodness. Not as tangy as I now like it, but a solid one if in a pickle.


Pure spicy goodness with not a lot of flavour masking the food that you’re actually trying to eat.


Technically not a hot sauce but my go to when having Asian food. Love it especially on noodles. Get the ones with the crispy peanut in them.


Looooove the tanginess in this one. Amazing for my ultimate guilty pleasure food: hot wings. Also ace in grilled cheeses.

Encona Hot Pepper Sauce

When I moved to London and Frank’s was nowhere to be found, this was my replacement. I have a soft spot for this sauce after having used it for six years in a row.

Image: Dale Berning Sawa/The Guardian