I am a 30-something-year-old living in the Paris vicinity. I have been writing for more than ten years now, but never about myself, until now that is.

An introvert, I prefer being at home, surrounded by a stack of books, my partner, my two stepdaughters and our houseplants. I am a proud BIPOC and self-identified feminist.

I am recovering from PTSD, anxiety and depression. I am sometimes angry and sometimes tired, but I am most often hopelessly optimistic and earnest.

Currently, I stay at home to raise our two kids, I write and I cook. I worked in the kitchens, as well as academia, before my switch to being a homebody.

I envision this blog as a sort of time capsule, to hold different memories, scribbles, thoughts and stories. I want to write for me, foremost, to keep my head above the water and for anyone who will listen, on all things from the light to the heavy.